When Is Gemini Season? Dates And Effects On Each Zodiac Sign

When Is Gemini Season? Dates And Effects On Each Zodiac Sign
May 2023

In astrology, Gemini is one of those planetary influences that affects everybody. And sometimes, it's a bit of an aggravating influence, at that.

When is Gemini season?

Following Taurus season, Gemini season starts on May 21st and ends on June 20th.

It's a time for us all to make the right moves -- to watch what we do and to make sure that we do the right thing, as it seems so easy to do the wrong thing these days. Expect changes with Sun in Gemini, that's for sure. Expect a positive turnaround as well, and that means staying open and positive so you can recognize a good thing when it's staring you right in the face. For all of the zodiac signs, expect creative thinking. This will be our big month for thinking outside the box, so be original and let the better sides of our nature rise to the top.

Gemini can work both ways on us: it can take us down and make us all feel melancholy and depressed, or we can choose clarity, positivity and hope. Let's choose hope, and let's act on that decision!

How Gemini season affects each zodiac sign


You might be surprised at how logical your thinking will be this month, Aries. You'll shock yourself at how you're able to follow through with plans and make new ones that make sense. Gemini's influence on you will give you the ability to talk through any situation. You'll be listened to and you'll have a good effect on those you offer advice to. Whereas sometimes you're a bit heavy-handed and pushy, Gemini will bring about a lighter touch in you, and people will appreciate this.


Your usual humorous approach to life will take on a new hilarity, as Gemini pushes you into new versions of not taking anything seriously. This might get you in trouble, so watch out for this trait getting out of hand. You like to put things off, but there's a time to take things seriously. Laughter is one thing, but letting things slip into chaos is not good for you and anyone around you. Let the better aspects of Gemini work for you: get industrious, make plans, stick to schedules. This will do you well.


It's your season, Gemini, so you'll be experiencing everything you already know, but with a little extra "you" in it. That means decisions will be even harder to make, choices will elude you and procrastination will overwhelm you. Do what you do best: Lose yourself in creativity! Make things, open things up and explore them. Get yourself into the projects you do so well. The kicker is to not let so much time pass by before you act on what you know you need to accomplish.


Gemini is a terrific influence for a sign like Cancer, and you will find yourself being very industrious this month. You've come to terms with much in your life and you're now ready to move forward with hopes, plans, and the desire to make dreams come true. You might find yourself redoing the entire house; Spring Cleaning might be your new thing. Whatever inspires you, take advantage of it, as Gemini moves you to be creatively invested in all you take on.


You're probably in the mood for getting your point across, and this is the season for it, Leo. Gemini is there to help you communicate. You've been holding a lot in, and that's difficult for you, Leo, as you love to express yourself. Still, much has gotten in the way between you and your free-flowing expression. You've been uptight and held back, but now, the sky is the limit. It's like Gemini came in and unplugged the plug, and now you're free to say whatever is on your mind. Let it flow!


If you've been cooped up with your partner, you might be feeling the need to simply get out and be alone. While that's not always easy these days, you will, however, find some alone time to think, and thinking is a good thing for you to, as opposed to acting without thought first. Don't take your frustrations or aggressions out on your partner; step aside and breathe. Gemini's influence will make it easier for you. Sometimes "lack" of communication is as good as spilling all the beans at once.


Gemini's effect is going to be a good one, Libra, and you'll start to feel much of your old curiosity again. This month is going to feel fresh, filled with fresh starts and new ideas. If you are one to dabble in crafts or mechanical things, you'll be head over heels in love with whatever project comes your way. It's a great time to fix a car or start an artistic endeavor.


Mischief is in the air, Scorpio, and being that you're quite the little devil as it is, Gemini's influence is going to make you feel very sneaky and fun-seeking. You want to be involved, you want to make friends; you have been jumping at the chance to see what's going on "out there" in the world, and this is going to be your chance. If you're tempted to be an idiot, don't go that far. You can explore the world and have fun without being a menace to society, so think it through, but have fun.


You're finally going to be able to express yourself in a way you haven't in a long while. Gemini is very good for you, Sagittarius! You might find yourself wildly inspired to get into something as intense as writing a book or involving yourself in a major project. This is not the small potatoes month for you and your wild mind, Sag; this is where the big thinking comes in. So, don't be surprised if you come up with something that will actually change your life. Use that marvelous brain of yours to further yourself along.


Gemini's effect on Capricorn is a good one. While you're always capable and ready to work, this month is going to bring you some very intense insight. Expect the influence of Gemini to spark new ideas. You've been doing well for the last few months, but you've felt scattered and disorganized. That's not you at your best. Gemini's influence is going to wrap certain concepts up for you, allowing you to utilize them as opposed to keeping them as thoughts only. You will be acting on your thoughts this month, and it will feel good to do so.


Suddenly, it all comes clear, and that refers to something that's been nagging at you for months, Aquarius. Either a decision or a plan that you've had in mind, you've worried it to death and it's now or never: you either move on your plan or you forget it forever. Gemini's influence is going to bring this forth in a way you won't be able to ignore. Plan on making a big move with your life, and listen to your heart. If it makes sense, make the move. Don't be lazy!


If you're feeling a bit confused or undecided about what to do next, that's the Gemini influence on you, Pisces. It may not be what you wanted, but you can use this feeling of dissatisfaction as an impetus to create change in your life. Yes, you've been down, maybe even a little disappointed in how life turned out for you, but this is your turnaround season, and it's up to you to put in the effort now. Sometimes all a person needs is a push, a little nudge. You will be getting that nudge this month, so allow it to inspire new beginnings for you.