Weekly Forecast: May 22-26, 2023 – Slow And Low, Sun-Saturn

Weekly Forecast: May 22-26, 2023 – Slow And Low, Sun-Saturn
May 2023

On Monday, Mars perfects its cardinal square to Jupiter while both pull away from a t-square with retro Pluto in Aquarius. All week, the early Gemini Sun heads into square with Saturn in Pisces, both malleable - mutable. While many are still involved in some ridiculous spinout, it's receding in active impact. In fact, adjust and meter your approach:"Let it FLOW, let yourself GO; slow and LOW, that is the temPO." Beastie Boys.

Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's (don't cling mentally or perseverate) and take a Taurus Mercury approach to planning and communications. That is to say, consider the value of your words and how they're likely to perceived and make sure they fit your own values. Do your thinking and attitudes reflect community values without being self-sabotaging? Good.

On Monday the Cancer Moon trines Saturn, sextiles Mercury, and moves to conjoin Venus overnight. Be like water. The mood has depth, so don't waste your best shot to get in the flow and stay atop the week.

Tuesday's Cancer Moon conjoins Venus, highlighting the tightening Venus-Chiron square. Just because you're conscious of your mistakes, doesn't mean you need to double down on self-deprecation. The Moon also emphasizes Venus' budding sextile to Uranus in Taurus. Take your licks, but be willing to move on to actually learn and do better. Allow yourself to appreciate the improvements you're making. The world needs your next-level understanding and skills. Doing better is the important part. Once you do better, you start to feel better.

Improvement and capitalizing on improvement can happen in an instant. You're failing, you're falling, you're hurting, you're growing, and BOOM - you're next level. You get there when you get there, and it's sweet.

Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, the late Cancer Moon trines Neptune. Have faith, BELIEVE. Dream up your own satisfaction in doing your part for the greater good.

When the Moon moves to Leo, it opposes Pluto, squares Jupiter, and trines Mars. So there's that; I'm sure that will be dramatically lovely. Sarcasm, that's sarcasm. Just remember to follow the Sun-Saturn advice and take the high road, low and slow, as much as you can anyway. Venus-Chiron peaks as the Leo Moon sextiles the Sun and quincunxes Saturn. Issues are likely to rise back up, but you can keep your cool by minding your own values. And learn from those mistakes!

Thursday morning, the Leo Moon squares Mercury in Taurus, and you may feel like roaring out loud (or silently in your head). Perhaps you need to let it out and can't. That's okay! Let it fuel creatively. Let it out that way. With Mars in Leo now, act with generosity and fire up some physical warmth. Make plans to tangibly improve something for someone else. Flex your big heart!

Thursday night, the Leo Moon trines Chiron and squares Uranus, with the Venus-Uranus sextile ever so tight (exact overnight). Stay with the growth arc. Don't let anxiety derail your progress as a win is right on the horizon.

Friday morning through afternoon, the anxiety recedes and the Leo Moon heads into quincunx with Neptune. Venus picks up a wide trine to Neptune. It's easy to lose touch with purpose when you're reminded of what's missing. If your fire takes a soaking, trust that what you need and what you want can both come through in the end... if you're taking it low and slow and doing the right thing. Keep it up! Believe, and be proud of you.

In the afternoon, the Moon finishes in Leo and heads into Mercury-ruled Virgo. Once in Virgo, it quincunxes retro Aquarius Pluto and trines Jupiter in Taurus. The quincunx to Pluto is the second part of a wide yod from the sextile of Neptune to Pluto. The mood is under healthy stress. Believe in your ability to (eventually) turn something that may appear destructive into something perfect, or as near perfect as real life things get. Perfect for you.

Don't look to center the flaws, look for problematic or squirrelly details to elevate. Look to turn "flaws" into mundane miracles. While you're at it, improve your attitude to improve your mood. Improved mood results in fortune. Improved mood IS good fortune. The mundane improvement of joy IS good fortune, and it leads to finding tactile gains. Believe in it.

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